Laine’s Loves… The Detectorist Theme

Laine's Loves... Johnny Flynn's Detectorist Theme

Oh, it's just a delight isn't it. Sets a lovely tone. Click expand to listen and to read why we love it so.

Laine’s Loves… Johnny Flynn’s Detectorist Theme

There’s something undeniably lovely about the feel of Detectorists – the sunshine filled shots of Lance and Andy hunting for artefacts in the green fields, the gently mocking humour of best friends, the slow pace of country life – but there’s something that really sets out the tone from the off. Johnny Flynn’s theme tune is just gorgeous, a perfect slice of English folk. That the lyrics use a metal detecting analogy and still pull at your heartstrings is nothing short of miraculous. It’s sent us checking out Johnny’s back catalogue, but this is our favourite track so far.

Incidentally, if you haven’t seen the TV show, it’s very much worth checking out. The story isn’t massively important so you could probably start on the second series, currently on iPlayer, but we recommend tracking down the slightly better first outing. Mackenzie ‘Gareth out of The Office’ Crook has written and directed a pastoral sitcom so good it’ll make you fondly remember Last Of The Summer Wine.

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