Laine’s Loves…Making A Murderer

Laine’s Loves… Making A Murderer

Oh god, how good is Making A Murderer? 10 hours of documentary about...Well, we don't really want to tell you what it's about.

Laine’s Loves… Making A Murderer

Normally we like to write a bit here about why we love the thing we’re recommending, but this is slightly different. We don’t want to tell you a single thing about it. The way this ten hour documentary unfolds and surprises is one of the most amazing things about it. But what a story, what a crazy story.

So, what will we tell you? Well, it’s taken 10 years to make, and the level of research is incredible. They filmmakers seem to have found every piece of video related to the case, dug out every phonecall. No stone is left unturned. Each episode seems to end on another WTF cliff-hanger. We’re on episode seven and can’t see how it can keep getting this intense and this maddening. Watch it now before someone starts talking to you about it.

Available on Netflix (we’d post a trailer, but we don’t want you to watch it)

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