Laine’s Loves…The Lobster

Laine's Loves...The Lobster

The best film about the threat of being turned into an animal for not finding love that we've seen in ages. Click expand to read what we thought.

Laine’s Loves…The Lobster

It’s rare that a film comes along that totally surprises you. Modern films simply lead you through a well-worn path, with signposts to make sure you don’t get lost. From the title onwards, The Lobster does no such thing.

There are no lobsters in The Lobster, but there is a threat of one. Colin Farrell has become divorced and the rules of the film’s dystopian near future mean that he’s shipped to a hotel to find a new partner. So far, still no lobsters. If he fails to secure a match he’s turned into an animal of his choosing. He picks… Well, you can guess.

What’s amazing is how this is all deadpanned out. The film is very funny at times but it’s never played with a knowing wink. In fact the tone is basically set to “awkward”. The performances are great, from Farrell to a reappearance of Rachel Weisz playing “short sighted woman”. The first English language feature from Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos, we’re certainly going to get round to watching Dogtooth now.

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