Laine’s Loves Soulwax

Laine's Loves... Soulwax
It's always a good day where there's a new Soulwax/2manyDJs track, but today there's two, and they're both free. Click expand to hear and download them.

Laine’s Loves… Soulwax
It’s always a good day where there’s a new Soulwax/2manyDJs track, but today there’s two, and they’re both free. ‘Transient Program For Drums And Machinery’ is the debut track from their first LP under their own name for 11 year, and bodes well – a Kraftwerkian bleepy piece of mid tempo bleep-pop that builds to a delicious crunch. It’s not a million miles from Die Verboten, their recent balearic-krautrock project with Riton and designer Fergus ‘Fergadelic’ Purcell.
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Elsewhere the brother have helped Tiga on a new mix of ‘3 Rules’, probably the highlight of the Canadian electroclash survivor’s ‘No Fantasy Required’. The three have stripped it right back and given it a deep bass bouncy and machine gun snares until it sounds like a MIA in a bemused mood (if you can imagine such a thing). The wry rules still remain, thank goodness.
“Rule three: never fall in love with a Virgo.”
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If you like those we really recommend checking out Soulwax’s recent track with Chlöe Sevigny, ‘Heaven Scent’, a bleepy little low slung spoken pop song which has crept up to be one of our favourites of the year.

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